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2011-01-09 21:12:42
5 Common Mortgage Mistakes
Five common mistakes that people make during the mortgage process.

It’s no secret: looking for your dream home is a lot more fun than applying for a mortgage. The thing is, unless your mortgage is firmly squared away before you start house hunting, you may not get the house you want. You won’t know exactly what you can afford, and you won’t be competitive with other prospective buyers who can close the deal quickly.
In this feature, we’ve listed five common mistakes that people make during the process of getting a mortgage. These mistakes don’t just cost you money and make it harder to get the right mortgage for you. They can also make the process take a whole lot longer, which can cost you the house that you want.
People often make these mistakes because they don’t understand the loan process. It’s not something that they’ve done before and it seems prohibitively complicated. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much reading to get up to speed
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